RELATO Project 2021

The Latin American Ocean Education Network won in January 2021 a 6-month project funded by the UK’s Global Challenges Research Fund, the Scottish Funding Council and the University of Edinburgh, the purpose of which was to help establish RELATO and catalyze even more its reach and partnerships. The project, called Oceanic Literacy: A Vehicle to Support Sustainable Development and Gender Equity in Coastal Communities: Assessment of Needs, Opportunities, and Novel Partnerships in Latin America, has been co-led by Yolanda Sánchez, co-founder of RELATO and by Dr. Meriwether Wilson, from the University of Edinburgh, and has had the support of the team of coordinators and coordinators of the Network. The main objective of the project has focused on strengthening and making marine education visible in Latin America and the Caribbean by connecting of educators and educators, analyzing their views on issues relevant to marine education and contributing to the registration of an initial status quo that can serve to better understand where marine education is now.

If you want to know more about the project and the results, you can download the full report in the following button:

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